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Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina is the second of two new lines introduced by Habanos S.A. in the 90's. This line was officially launched in Spain, in the spring of 1997, and will be made available to the world market in the fall. The brand features five, hand rolled sizes, classified as: Don Alejandro (Double Corona) Famosos (Robusto), Classicos (Lonsdale), Unicos (Piramide), and Familiares (Corona). Vegas Robaina is named after D. Alejandro Robaina, who is famed for growing the finest wrapper in the Vuelta Abajo, (Pinar del Rio), region of Cuba for more than fifty years.

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Vegas Robaina Clasicos (25)
This smoke is smooth, creamy, with hints of cuban spice and cocoa. Combined with strength, a good dr..
Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (25)
This is a full bodied cigar, but remains smooth and consistent throughout the length of the cigar. A..
Vegas Robaina Familiar (25)
Creamy and fruity flavour which can develop hints of chocolate towards the last half. A good draw an..
Vegas Robaina Famosos (25)
Complex sweet and woody flavours and very spicy in the last 3rd make for a great tasting cigar. Both..
Vegas Robaina Unicos (25)
This cigar contains incredible strong and complex flavors of spice, cedar and chocolate. The burn is..

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